Dinner With SQ Cargo Divisyen

Today i was invited to join a dinner with SQ cargo team.. Venue; a restaurant named Siriwan which is near to the expo park.. They serve a Thai cuisine with lots of seafood.. I didn’t bring my camera along.. photos attached is from our team mate, EeLeng (thanks for the photos ☺)..

I drive to the place with my friend’s Sony.. We stuck before entering the bridge tol and after the tol… What to say? traffic very slow – 20km/h… after getting clear we finally found that the cause of the traffic jam…. supprisingly a Perodua Myvi being towed by 2 motorcycles.. What? motorcycle? 2 cyclist push the car from back… We reach to the place after 7:30pm… the dishes is ok but quite hot… thanks to SQ managers for the great dinner.. and also to their manager Mr. Teoh (if not mistaken) for his effort as i heard he’s flew from Singapore and joining us for the dinner.. 9:00pm we dismiss…



SQ Team; CJ | Claudia | Tony | Ragu | Meena | Joyce | JL Teoh (if not mestaken)

Schenker Team; Our GM TK | Our BM KL | Tze Peng | Lucy | Lina | EeLeng | Yvonne | Ikha | Sony | and myself


~ by zaidiramly on November 19, 2008.

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